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Dale Miller


For a man who is fascinated by people in history, Dale Miller does a great job of helping people today to plan for their futures tomorrow.

As a client relations administrator at Laraway Financial Advisors, Dale manages a lot of the behind-the scenes managing of accounts, working hand-in-hand with the firm’s financial planners to ensure that client communication and account maintenance are optimal. Both Dale’s education and experience are key to his ability to provide client solutions that help them meet their goals and take ownership of their financial futures.

After growing up in Brookings, South Dakota, Dale stayed close to home for college, attending South Dakota State University, where he studied Sociology and developed a strong foundation for understanding how to help people. That knowledge has served him well ever since, first as a nursing home administrator for 22 years and then in his second career in the financial planning realm.

“In planning for a career change, I attended the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks for two years to study accounting, finance and business at both the under- and post-graduate level,” Dale said. His opportunities have since included working in the Compliance Department at an area broker-dealer and as a Client Service Coordinator, Para Planner and Financial Advisor at other St. Cloud financial services companies. “I feel that learning more than one model of financial planning has provided a greater basis for being able to meet our client’s needs,” Dale said. “Here at Laraway Financial, we have a complex, tight structure and we work together to stay as sharp as possible.”

The St. Cloud community has been a great fit for Dale and his wife Carol, an elementary music teacher, to raise their sons Michael and Nathan. Michael is now a police officer in Hopkins, MN and Nathan is a student at St. Cloud State University. Dale and Carol live in Sauk Rapids and are active in their church choir and bell choir. “Our adult lives have been spent living in Minnesota, and we love the geography and opportunities this state has provided for our family.”

One of Dale’s favorite things to do is step back in time with a good regimental history or historical biography. “I particularly enjoy reading about the Civil War or World War II,” Dale said, “As a Nursing Home Administrator, I met so many wonderful people who had lived history. Everyone has a meaningful life story, regardless of its perceived simplicity. History, and people, are fascinating to me.” Thanks to his career shift, Dale now not only appreciates people’s histories, but helps them be ready to prepare for their futures as well.